Wood Sculpture by Pine
enjoy sharing my sculpture with visitors. If you find yourself passing through Wallace, Idaho on Interstate 90, take a few minutes to drop by! Historic Wallace is located at the eastern gate of the Silver Vally — a valley known for having one of the richest silver loads in the world. Scenic Burke Canyon was the location of many of the original mines. There's a lot to do and see in the area, so you may want to visit the Historic Wallace Chamber of Commerce. I look forward to seeing you!.

The first map below shows how to get to Burke from I-90 (exit 62). The second shows how to get to my stuido from Burke. Click on either of the maps below to open a browser window with my location in MapQuest.

Wood Sculpture by Pine
Vern Pine, sculptor

Studio Address
94 Shifters Hill Road
Burke, ID 83873
(208) 752-5561

Mailing Address
PO Box 1041
Wallace, ID 83873